How therapy can reduce symptoms of chronic pain

May 4, 2018

Stop the cycle of chronic pain 

Chronic pain has a powerful negative effect on concentration, mood, sleep, and relationships. Experiencing the symptoms day after day can lead to increased stress that makes the pain feel worse. Therapy can help you learn techniques to reduce the impact of pain on your life.

How it works

Cognitive training

Identify and change the thoughts and feelings that increase pain and stress

Mindfulness techniques

Improve your ability to relax and control the stress response during flare-ups

Sleep strategies

Train your mind and body to get more restful sleep in spite of the pain

What to expect

  • Six to ten sessions are typically needed for maximum results, but even two sessions can make a difference. Your provider will tailor a program to your needs.
  • Pain relief therapy is covered by most health insurance plans. The cost typically is only your specialist co-pay.
  • The program is most effective in treating long-term pain, including arthritis, cancer, chronic back pain, and fibromyalgia.

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