Why collaboration is key to good health

May 4, 2018

Collaborative care is about teamwork and communication — and you are a core member of that team. Ensuring that all of your healthcare providers know what is going on with your health is the key to successful treatment.

This approach brings together your physical and mental health providers to support your overall treatment goals. Together, you’ll establish the best treatment plan for your needs, and ongoing communication will allow you to adjust to ensure you get better over time. It closes the gap between care for physical and mental health to improve your health overall.

A collaborative approach also gives you the opportunity to participate as a member of your own care team. That way, you can take control of your health and ensure your needs and concerns are addressed by your providers. Communication between your therapist, physician, and/or psychiatrist results in less confusion, greater agreement on goals and next steps in your care, and helps you to avoid repeating information in multiple appointments.

As patients, we should all have the opportunity to advocate for ourselves when it comes to our own healthcare. However, this can be a challenging step to take, especially for patients who experience co-occurring, complex conditions. Multiple conditions means multiple providers, many doctors’ appointments, and even some real-time consultations peppered in for second opinions. This can literally mean carrying a folder around with visit summaries, diagnostic and treatment information, and notes scribbled down to remember what a provider said — that can get confusing quickly!

Actively participating in your care is vital to successful treatment, however, it’s not always easy to be heard. Quartet works as a translator between you, your doctor, and your mental health provider — facilitating communication online ensure that you are all on the same page with your care and progress. When you and your providers are working as a team, great things can happen:

  • Identify the root cause of your symptoms: Together, you can better understand the source of your symptoms and how to best address them.
  • Get more efficient care: When all of your providers are kept up-to-date and share notes on your progress, you will get more effective, streamlined care.
  • Feel better, faster: Collaborative care is proven to result in better health outcomes. When your providers work together, you’ll see a reduction in your symptoms and improvement in your overall health and well-being.

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