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I had a very frustrating time finding mental health providers. When my doctor told me about Quartet, I was relieved that there was someone who was going to do the legwork for me. And when the Quartet team reached out to me, they were so caring and incredibly helpful and tenacious in their efforts to find me providers.


I had a rough year with a double knee replacement, multiple falls, and hospitalizations. My doctor referred me to Quartet because of anxiety and long-standing issues with sleep. Getting connected to a psychiatrist and counselor has helped ad I have not been to a hospital or ER since.




I worked hard to clear my physical issues, but then I had to wrestle with my mental state. Thank God I had an amazing therapist. Determined not to be defeated by my health conditions, I grew stronger and more resilient with her help.

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Dealing with a chronic disease can mean a lifetime of challenges, but a supportive community is incredibly valuable. The right person can help you explore your options, help you address anxiety, anger, and fear, and help you develop coping skills to get through the toughest parts.


I was experiencing stress and anxiety that was getting worse over time. Struggling with sleep and low energy, I spoke with my doctor about Quartet and was impressed by how quickly I was matched with a local therapist.




Those therapy sessions were hard work — but I can assure you that your precious mental health is worth every single moment of that fight.

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I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You found a psychiatrist for me and I immensely appreciate your diligence. I had searched through my options but there was no one to be found — I don’t think I would have been able to find this type of care without Quartet.


My experience with Quartet was great. They were very helpful in connecting me with a mental health provider who I continue to see. I'm in a better place now thanks to their help.


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